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Below you can view some commonly asked questions, in particular in relation to our extensions services which is one of our specialties. If you have a question that is not covered below get in touch

Will my new hair feel heavy?

At first you will definite;y notice your new hair, especially when wet. The initial volume and weight may be a novelty at first but you will be very surprised at how quick you get used to having a glorious full head of hair. 

Where are you located?

We are located...

What type of products should I use?

Your stylist will recommend what products you should use for your hair. Mainly they should be specific to extensions or gentle enough that they wont cause any damage to the hair and still provide the necessary moisture and nourishment your extensions need. Do not use prducts for oily hair or hair that helps remove chlorine as they will strip the hair of their mpisture, causing them dry. We Do Have our own products available for hair extensions that you can purchase on the day you get your extensjons. If you use the swimming pool or hot tub please wash hair immediately after use and avoid getting salt water in your hair as this will dry your extensions out. Leave in treatments and glosses are great for the ends of your new hair.

What if I lose some?

This doesn’t happen too often but if it does just keep them up safe and bring them along with you to your refitting session and we will reapply them.

What if I dont like them?

This isn’t very common, but if this is the case we will just remove them and you will leave with your hjair looking and feeling exatly the same as it wsa before getting them in.

What happens when they need to be removed?

You just need to book in for a removal and we will remove them and give you the option to rebook in for a new set.

What hair do you use?

I use only the finest quality European hair for the more permanent options. For clip in extensions I have a variety of hair typed to suit every budget.

What colour do I need?

Again all hair is different. Colour will be assessed in your consutation and if there is no colour colour to match we will discuss with you how we can achieve the results we want.

What about colouring my own hair?

Its best to go to your stylist for this. Any hair that is out of your extensions may be coloured. Again its best to avoid the root where the bonds are to prevent breaking them down or slippage.

Some of my own hair has come out during the removal, Is my hair damaged?

No. Without noticing, every day we lose between 50 to 100 strands of our own hair as part of the process of renewal and growth. However, where the extension is attached, hair that would otherwise fall out is trapped and held in place by the extension. So, when you remove the extension at the end of your period of wear, or during your refit you may notice someof these hairs coming out. This is simply hair that would have fallen out during the renewal process over the previous few months.

Is my hair long enough?

Your hair must be 3-4 inches long for thickness or volume and 5-6 inches long for full lengthening.

Is it safe to leave my hair to dry naturally?

It is and it isn’t. I do recommend you try to dry off the bonds at least. As the bonds are at their weakest when wet. If you blast dry your roots for a few minutes then after this it is entirely safe to let the rest dry naturally.

How long is the application?

We allow 1-2 and a half hours for application. This is to ensure all aspects are covered including fitting, shaping and styling.

How long do they last?

With the correct care and Coming back for your Scheduled Refittings they can last you up to 8 months. 

How do I go about getting started?

You just need to send an email, contact of facebook or call in to arrange your free consultation.

Do they hurt?

NO. If application hurts, RUN. GET OUT OF THERE. There should be no pain with application of extesions or afterwards as the tension should be even all over the head and there should be no pulling. Pulling your hair out is not the idea of Extensions. You may however feel some discomfort for the first few days but after this you shouldn’t notice they are there.

Do they damage your hair?

ABSOLUTELY NOT. NO. if they are applied correctly and correctly looked after they will cause no damage to your hair at all.

Do I need to give my hair a break?

No you don’t. as these extensions are not damaging at all it is not necessary to give your hair a break. I do however recommend leaving a few days in between so that you can get your colour redone ad allow your hair to settle after getting the colour.

Can I go into the sun and use sunbeds?

Yes you can, I do however recommend using a leave in treatment with sun protescter in it such as uniq one to prevent any sun damage to the hair.

Can I curl, brush, blowdry and wash as normal.

Yes you can do all of the above. In your aftercare sheet it will explain more detail about all of this.

Can I colour my hair extensions?

Yes you can colour them. Its recommened you only go darker or add in tones if colouring. Also its recommened to avoid the root area where the bonds are so as not to damage the bonds as some chemicals can break down the bond or cause slippage. Its best to get your stylist to colour your hair if this is what you want.

Are they suitable for everyone?

No, they are however suitable for most people. There are some exceptions like those who are experiencing hair loss, hair that is too fine or hair that is excessively damaged. All this will be assessed in your free consultation.

Will my extensions look natural? Will anyone know im wearing them?

Your extensions will be totally undetectable. We will spend lots of time ensuring they are blended in well with your own hair and cannot be seen. They should look like your own and feel like your own.

How much hair do I need?

Every head and person is different. Some heads need more hair than other due to length thickness or size of head (head shape). Thicker hair needs more hair than thinner hair. Shorter hair needs more hair than longer hair. It is recommened to use betwewn 100g and 150g of hair. This will be discussed dutring your free consutation.

Can I wear my hair up?

Absolutely yes, we try our hardest to make sure none of your extensions are visible so as that you can go around your day to day routine and not have to worry about them being on show.


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