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With individual strand micro beads it vital that you come back every 6-8 weeks for a refit. I will determine exactly how long everybody should retuen after your first refit session and this length of time should be followed as this will prevent damage occurring. During a refit session the extensions are removed, the dead hair is brushed out and the strand is reapplied using a new bead. This is the same for every strand of hair. Also any hair that has fallen out will be reapplied. Also the extensions will be trimmed if needed and if you need to replace any hair or add in extra hair this will be discussed prior to your appointment.

With the wefted extensions the refit is due every 4-6 weeks. Each weft will be singly removed and the beads removed. The dead hair will be removed and each weft is the reapplied using fresh beads. Your extensions will get a trim if needed too. Or you can have to choice to remove and get clips sewn on to use as a clip in.

With all refittings it is crutial you return when recommened to prevent any damage occurring.
There is a small fee for every week overdue your refitting session is. The reason being it takes longer to do and is much more complicated if you return after the recommended time.

As with all extensions when it comes to the time for removal. Please do not attempt this yourself as you can damage your own hair. Please return for a removal and to discuss you options.





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"After hearing every horror story about extensions I got them done by Donna and was really expecting my hair to matt/break/fall out ... Being a single working mum of 2 I have no time to brush my ha...

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